The Getty Challenge

In this time of quarantine, the Getty had a fun challenge to explore your creativity and keep from going crazy. The idea was simple: find a work of art from the Getty and recreate it using items you have around the house. If you haven’t seen these, do a quick search; you will not regret it! I absolutely love the time and creativity people are putting into these!

Ollie’s teacher “assigned” the challenge to his class, and I was positively begging him to pick something with two people in it, so I could get in on the action too. He didn’t go for it, but instead selected and recreated one all on his own. I was blown away; it is just absolutely perfect!

After seeing his I was even MORE determined to create my own, so I convinced Alex to help me out. He was such a good sport. He sat there holding that apple to his mouth for like 5 minutes while we arranged everything. Afterwards I said I would eat the apple and he was like, “Uh…I drooled on that apple. A lot.”

Evelyn missed out on the fun, so naturally she wanted to do one as well. At this point, our staging was starting to get a bit elaborate…

Some of you have done some of your own, and they are *A*M*A*Z*I*N*G*! Keep them coming!

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