The bunny has landed

Some of you may remember by Evelyn’s heartfelt essay on why she should have a bunny Perhaps some of you were even persuaded yourselves.

She was earnest enough for us to go out and acquire a “trial rabbit”. Meet Oliver’s class rabbit, “Chocolate Cuddlewuddles”:

chocolate cuddlewuddles

(Evelyn and Oliver made some houses and signs to welcome our new friend)

Yes, this poor rabbit is named Chocolate Cuddlewuddles, which is what happens when you have Kindergarteners vote on names (Evelyn has said she would have named him “Smore” which is infinitely better: both appropriate to his coloration, and a heck of a lot easier to say.

Evelyn is 100% in charge of the rabbit, and so far it is having the exact desired effect: “I don’t want to have a rabbit anymore,” she told us the other day. I don’t think it was the cleaning out of the cage every few days (though she is not really a fan) or the constant need to provide it with food (which I think she would just conveniently “forget” if we didn’t keep reminder her); I think he just makes her anxious.

She is constantly worried he’s going to get into something, or chew on something, and he maybe terrifies her a little bit. She does not like having to herd him back into his cage (spoiler: bunnies do not like to be hearded).

Chocolate Cuddlewuddles is a little more spirited than Gus was, and thus not *quite* as delightful to have around the house, but still overall much better than a cat. Just not better than not having a pet at all…

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