The bunny has crash landed

So pretty much no sooner had the bunny entered our house, but it started causing trouble.

We’d only had Chocolate Cuddlewuddles for a day or two when he went on some kind of rabbit rampage in Evelyn’s room. He was out in her room unsupervised, and he tore up two pretty significant parts of the carpet, and also ate a hole in Evelyn’s comforter.

Evelyn was already a bit disillusioned about the responsibility of the bunny, but this really put her over the top. I was a little confused why she was so upset of some carpet of all things, but she really seemed to take it as a personal attack.

Whereas she was a little bit nervous about the bunny before, she is now in full out panic mode. Every time he does ANYTHING, she is sure he is ruining something of hers (he also pulled some papers out from under the door in her closet and ate those, but she was really mostly upset about the carpet).

She is so over this rabbit. How quickly things change: even bringing up the subject of the rabbit is enough to get you a death glare. Unfortunately for her, we have him for another 3 weeks. Our pep talks have turned from “well, lets just see how this goes before we order our own cage” to “we agreed to care for this rabbit, so it’s our responsibility whether we like it or not”. We have to force her to let CCW out of his cage (as far as she’s concerned he can rot in jail for his crimes), and then we can just hear her yelling, “No! No! Bad bunny!” the whole time.

In other words, our plan has worked perfectly. No rabbits in our future, you can believe that. Having a room’s worth of carpet destroyed was perhaps a *little* steeper than we were intending to pay to teach this lesson, but mission accomplished in any case.

“Daddy, can I get a fish?”


The bunny has landed

Some of you may remember by Evelyn’s heartfelt essay on why she should have a bunny Perhaps some of you were even persuaded yourselves.

She was earnest enough for us to go out and acquire a “trial rabbit”. Meet Oliver’s class rabbit, “Chocolate Cuddlewuddles”:

chocolate cuddlewuddles

(Evelyn and Oliver made some houses and signs to welcome our new friend)

Yes, this poor rabbit is named Chocolate Cuddlewuddles, which is what happens when you have Kindergarteners vote on names (Evelyn has said she would have named him “Smore” which is infinitely better: both appropriate to his coloration, and a heck of a lot easier to say.

Evelyn is 100% in charge of the rabbit, and so far it is having the exact desired effect: “I don’t want to have a rabbit anymore,” she told us the other day. I don’t think it was the cleaning out of the cage every few days (though she is not really a fan) or the constant need to provide it with food (which I think she would just conveniently “forget” if we didn’t keep reminder her); I think he just makes her anxious.

She is constantly worried he’s going to get into something, or chew on something, and he maybe terrifies her a little bit. She does not like having to herd him back into his cage (spoiler: bunnies do not like to be hearded).

Chocolate Cuddlewuddles is a little more spirited than Gus was, and thus not *quite* as delightful to have around the house, but still overall much better than a cat. Just not better than not having a pet at all…

“Why I Should get a Bunny” – a persuasive essay by Evelyn

Evelyn has been wanting a kitten. I mean, like, REAAAALY wanting a kitten. Coincidentally, this happened to coincide with her taking on the role of cleaning the litter box. “I think she’s got toxoplasmosis,” said Sara after the 15th time Evelyn brought it up.

They were gearing up to write a “persuasive essay” in class, and Evelyn planned to persuade us to get a kitten. “The answer is no,” I said. “You can write whatever you want, but there is absolutely no chance you’re getting  a kitten.” (My dislike of our cat is well documented…I’ve been waiting for this thing to die for YEARS.)

She cried about it a couple of times (we weren’t being fair, we weren’t giving her persuasive essay a chance, yada yada), but nothing too unusual. So I was very surprised when her persuasive essay finally did show up, and it wasn’t about kittens!

Why I Should get a Bunny

Dear mom and dad,

You know I have wanted a pet of my own forever. You wouldn’t let me have a dog or a cat, but what about a bunny? I have several reasons why you should get me one. The first is that I would buy mostly everything myself, (except the cage). The second reason is that Nala was okay with Gus when we took him for a week. The third reason is that bunnies are quiet. Nala is always meowing but bunnies are quiet. Even if it makes some noise it would be in my room. The fourth reason is bunnies need little space than other pets. The fifth reason is bunnies are easily trained. Like going in the litter box not on the floor. They can do tricks too if you train them. The sixth reason is that bunnies are very clean animals. The seventh reason is they will eat our leftover vegetables. The eighth reason is nobody is allergic. The reason you should get me two is bunnies do better with bunny friends. The ninth reason is bunnies do better as indoor pets, so if we get a bunny from a shelter if would be good. The tenth reason is we don’t need to give it a bath. The eleventh reason is they are only awake dusk and morning and not in between. The twelfth reason is they can’t throw up! The thirteenth reason is they only need three hours of floor time. The fourteenth reason is I promise not to pick a bunny up. The fifteenth reason is I also promise not to get a baby bunny because baby bunnies need their mothers. The sixteenth reason is if I get tired of it or it doesn’t work out, [my teacher] said she would take it. The sventeenth reason why is I will cover up wires it woudl want to chew on. I also want to say that they coust about $20 at, but at other places it costs up to $250 to buy a bunny. The eighteenth reason why is they don’t stink at all, PERIOD. Another side note. There is awesome cages at, it costs about $50! So for all of these reasons get me a bunny please.

Yours truly,

She obviously felt very, very strongly about this, so we decided not to shut her down outright. Instead, she is going to take care of Ollie’s class rabbit for a month over the summer (our previous experience with this was pretty positive). She even spent two mornings interviewing Ollie’s teacher about the care and feeding of rabbits, so she’s pretty well prepared.

Say what you want about Evelyn, but she is EXTREMELY responsible. I have no doubt she will take excellent care of Chocolate Cuddlewuddles (yes, the rabbit is named Chocolate Cuddlewuddles…that’s what happens when you let kindergarteners vote), and I have no doubt that she will then turn that into a plea for either a rabbit, or a kitten.

Spoiler alert: when Nala dies, we’re not getting a rabbit or a kitten. We’re getting a break.