My story “Never” now available from The Sockdolager

Peter Pan was kind of a dick.

I mean, all of Neverland exists solely so he can play out his fantasies. Whatever he wants, he gets: kick ass tree house, mermaids, fairies. He wants adventures, so he gets pirates…regardless of what the pirates think of the matter. Even if the pirates were real people with real lives, and people who cared for them, and maybe, just maybe hoping for one more chance to redeem themselves from some really terrible deeds…too bad! Peter says you’ve got to come and let him trounce you for all eternity, so that’s your new life. Bad luck fellows!

Neverland is a paradise, but only as long as you’re Peter. If you’re a pirate, it’s a fate worse than death.

Hop on over to the Spring issue of The Sockdolager and read all about it. And if you prefer the entire issue in an easier to read format, you can do that too (might I recommend the print edition?)

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