The last picture it will ever take

There are few things Ollie enjoys more than taking pictures and videos. We have (had) an old camera and we just let Ollie run wild with it. He never really wants to see the pictures he takes, he just enjoys taking them.

Well, no more. This is the last picture the camera will ever take:


See, Ollie decided that it would be really cool to take some underwater pictures.

“Ollie! You can’t put anything that uses electricity under the water!” said Sara, to which Ollie incredulously replied, “The camera uses electricity??” It turns out, in Ollie’s mind electricity is not equal to batteries. After seeing his confusion, Sara proceeded to list all sorts of things that should not go under water. Each one was a surprise. Like, he understood in the abstract that electronics should not go in the water, but in the specific he was baffled.

We tried drying the camera out in a bowl of rice, but unfortunately there was no coming back from it. I did manage to rescue the SD card and get the pictures off (you should have seen that coming, since you’re seeing the picture above). I was kind of hoping for something cool from the underwater pictures, to make it all worthwhile, but unfortunately that was the best of the 3 or 4 he managed to snap before the camera gave up the ghost (and yes, we asked, this was not a picture of the toilet!)

::time goes by::
Sara: “Oh, don’t put the iPad under water either.”

*So glad* she thought to go back and clarify that one.

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