Quote Monday is rescued by DST

Sara: “I suppose I should get dressed.”
Me: “Hey, it’s before noon.”
Sara: “Daylight Savings Time to the rescue!”
Me: “In your pajamas by 3:30? Wait a minute, didn’t you just get dressed at noon?”
Sara: “It was 11:30!”

::talking about meat::
Sara: “Well, what do you think we’re made of?”
Evie : “…”
::time passes, we move on to other topics::
Ollie: “CHICKEN!”
Everyone: “What?”
Ollie: “Is that what we’re made of?”

Ollie: “I’m thirsty, I need a drink.”
Sara: “Well, would you like water, or milk?”
Ollie: “Actually, what I would like is syrup.”

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