The Distant Architect

A fellow writer and Chicagoan (and *most* importantly, reader of this blog) Clara Alcott, is currently running a Kickstarter to fund her “Science Fiction Noir” film, The Distant Architect.

The Distant Architect centers on a young architect named Karen who begins to question what she knows about herself and her body. Are there parts of her that are cybernetic? Does it matter? Can she still be considered a “normal woman”?

If you watch the preview, you’ll see Chicago all over this thing.

The real reason I think you should back this, however, is because they have the cutest reward ever: at the $35 level, Clara’s dad will bake you a cake. This is not just any cake, however. This is his special white chocolate cake he makes for special occasions. How cute is that? Not to mention the fact that $35 for a cake, a DVD of the movie, and a pass to the screening (if you live in Chicago) is a pretty sweet deal (no pun intended).

They only have until Saturday to reach their goal, so if you like Indie cinema, Science Fiction/Noir, or helping artists, drop them a dime over at Kickstarter, or help spread the word.

4 thoughts on “The Distant Architect

  1. What a sweet write-up. Today is the last day of the Kickstarter & Clara is very close to her goal. Thanks for sharing this with your readers!!


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