Quote Monday gives thanks

Sara: “Today is Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for?”
Evie: “That today is Thanksgiving.”
Sara: “No, I mean like on a daily basis what are you thankful for?”
Evie: “That I’m going to eat lots of pie today.”
Sara: “But more in general what are you thankful for?”
Evie: “Cake?”

::passing a homeless person::
Evie: “I used to pretend to be a poor person during relaxing time until you took my blanket upstairs.”

::Pulling up for Thanksgiving::
Ollie: “Are we going trick-or-treating here?”

This was after he had brought in a bunch of Christmas books in the morning, so I think he was a little confused about what exactly Thanksgiving was.

Evie: “The Thanksgiving parade is like the Memorial Day parade, except instead of candy, they could throw chicken!”

::Ollie bursting into tears::
Ollie: “Push me out, push me out! Somebody pushed my chair in!”
Sara: “I think you just ate too much, buddy.”

3 thoughts on “Quote Monday gives thanks

  1. There was an episode of “WKRP in Cincinnati” where they dropped turkeys out of a plane/helicopter. “Oh, the humanity!” It did not go well.


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