Big Boy

I haven’t done one of these Alex updates in a long time, but it seems like there have been so many milestones lately that I’m definitely in need of one!

The most exciting thing is that Alex is now completely diaper free! He has always been really good about potty training and staying dry, so we thought we’d give the overnight thing a chance. Right away, the first night, he was dry! He has had a few wet nights, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a few more, but he’s got a 4 day streak going as of me writing this! (But unfortunately broke it before publishing this. Still!)

This corresponded with us upgrading his crib to a “big boy bed”, so all in all I think he’s just really feeling like a big boy lately.

Additionally, we have started reading chapter books at bedtime, and he really enjoys them. So far we have read, “My Father’s Dragon”, “The Dragons of Blueland”, “Little House in the Big Woods” (at least twice, because Sara and I both read it to him, possibly three times if Vania read it!), “The Boxcar Children”, and we are currently reading, “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”.

He has also been drawing and “writing” a lot. Sometimes I can even tell what he’s drawing! For example, I give you “a person”:

Finally, one thing we’ve really noticed lately is that Alex just wants to have friends. He plays SO NICELY with other kids now! And really has a blast. Because of this, he is fiiiiinally starting to warm to the idea of going to school. He has previously taken the adamant stance that he will NOT be attending school next year, but now that he’s starting to realize how much fun it is to go to a toy-filled room to play with a bunch of friends, he’s rethinking that.

Alex, in preschool. CAN YOU IMAGINE??

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