Quote Monday eats too much

Sara: “I’m going to write a grocery list.”
Alex: “Me help! Me help!”
Sara: “Okay…what should we put on our list?”
Alex: “Kwkwkwkw
Sara: “Okay, chicken. What else?”
Alex: “Strawberries!”
Sara: “Okay. How about cheese?”
Alex: “Yes.”
Sara: “How about coffee?”
Alex: “Yes.”
Sara: “Anything else?”
::Alex thinking::
Alex: “Fruit flies.”

I was trying to get Alex to eat breakfast, because I knew when he saw that Ollie was eating scones, he wouldn’t want to eat anything else. Eventually Ollie got his scones and came over. Alex pointed at the scones and said, “Eat!” I pretended like I didn’t know what he was talking about. “Eat what?” Alex pointed at the scones AND HONEST TO GOD WINKED AT ME.

Alex: “Mrpghr”
Sara: “What?”
Alex: Mrpghr”
Sara: “How many pieces of meat are in your mouth?”
Alex, enunciating carefully: “Too. Much.”

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