Kwkwkwkwkw (chicken)

Alex has a couple of words that he consistently says to indicate something, even though they don’t sound anything like the word itself. For example, “Guh” is always cheese. He will point to it in books, he will ask for “More guh”, and he will show you where it belongs in the refrigerator. If you say, “Do you want more guh?” he will laugh, but if you say, “Do you want more cheese?” he will shake his head yes, violently.

So he knows that cheese is cheese, but it just comes out guh for some reason.

One of the entries in Alex’s word list was “Kwkwkwkwkw (chicken)”. This was my attempt to spell the way he says chicken, and it is ADORABLE. Again, chicken is always consistently this sound, kind of a cross between clearing your throat and choking to death.

Anyway, enjoy:

2 thoughts on “Kwkwkwkwkw (chicken)

  1. I think it’s “cluck”! Since kids substitute “l” with “w”, he’s clucking (cwuck cwuck cwuck) like a chicken! Nope, havet figured out “guh” unless you only eat goat cheese? Too adorable!


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