Quote Monday loses its marbles

Me: “Well, let’s see what IKEA coffee tastes like.”
Sara: “Desperation.”

Ollie: “How much does a Knight Fighter make?”
Me: “How much does who make?”
Ollie: “In the game of Life. There is a shortcut if you’re a Knight Fighter.”
Me: “It sounds like you’re saying ‘Knight Fighter’.”
Ollie: “I am! There is a special path, and you can go to Knight school…”

Sara: “Aw, Alex, did you lose your marbles?”
Sara: “No, apparently he lost his ‘narbles’.”

Evelyn: “In my purse I have my wallet, a band aide, lip balm, cuticle cream, and a fake phone.”
::Evelyn taking out an old flip phone::
Evelyn: “Hello!”

Evelyn acts so grown up all the time, it is always hilarious when she does something to remind you that she’s still a little girl. Sara always says, “If I’m not sure my daughter is still a little girl, I watch her eat a piece of chocolate cake…”

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