UPS Caught on Camera

Recently, we realized we had never received a couple of packages we had ordered. Thinking it was a little odd, Sara looked up the tracking info and found, not only were the packages marked as “delivered”, but in fact they were signed for by Sara.

Only problem? Sara wasn’t even home that day.

“Wait a minute!” I said. “We have security cameras!” Anybody want to guess what we found?

Anybody see Sara sign for a package in there? Or did you instead see the packages scanned and thrown over the fence, and the buzzer only rung after the packages were already tossed, not giving ANYBODY a chance to sign for those packages?

Of course those packages were eventually stolen, which is why YOU HAVE SOMEONE SIGN FOR THEM RATHER THAN THE DELIVERY DRIVER FAKING YOUR SIGNATURE.

The irony is that this is the absolute most common occurrence at our building. In fact, when we had the security cameras installed and the security guy was giving us a demo, he picked a time at random, and there was a UPS guy throwing a huge package over the fence. We all laughed because we all know: if you randomly pick any time on any day, you will probably see the UPS or the Post Office throwing packages over the fence.

I’m so used to that part, that it doesn’t even bother me anymore. In this case, it was the forging our signature that was especially egregious. What is the point of “signature confirmation” if the package is treated no differently than any other package?

Quite frankly there is a word for forging signatures, and that word is “fraud”.

We sent the video to the UPS and of course they ignored us. Hey, this is 2016: the only way to get any customer service is to shame a company on social media! So share far and wide, my friends. Share far and wide.

2 thoughts on “UPS Caught on Camera

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