Art & Words show 2016

I have once again been selected to participate in Art on the Boulevard’s Art & Words Show. You may remember I participated in this a few years ago.

Just a quick reminder how this works: 12 artists and 12 writers are selected, after which we all swap. An artist will make a piece of art representing my selected story, and I will write a new story to accompany a piece of selected art. Finally, all of the art and stories are displayed in an art gallery, including a reception and reading on October 1st.

I cannot stress how much I *love* this project. My stories hanging in an art gallery! My stories inspiring an artist! Being able to give someone a story inspired by their art!

To quote myself from last time:

The whole thing is just an amazing creative explosion, with art and music and stories building off of each other and artists from different disciplines and communities inspiring each other. It’s very humbling to be a part of it all.


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