He likes me! He really likes me!

I have recently come to the conclusion that Alex actually likes me! Maybe even more than he likes Sara. Not to say he isn’t quite fond of Sara, because he is, but his smiles when he sees me just about break his face in half.

I certainly haven’t done anything in particular to cause this, it just sort of happened. I mean, I carry him around and change his diaper sometimes, but he’s never heard my heartbeat from the inside, or had me get up to snuggle him every 40 minutes for 100 consecutive nights, or received life-giving nutrients from my body, you know?

As a dad, I understand that being second fiddle is just sort of the way of the universe, and I don’t take offense. In fact, I have a sign from 5 year old Evelyn hanging up at work that says, “Dad. Sorry, I love you last. Mom first, Nala, Ollie, then you Daddy.”

Keeps me humble. (I should point out that Nala is the cat.)

I’m sure these days I’ve even slipped a spot, since Evelyn would put Alex first on the list (and she’s not even the one who cries at night because he’s not going to college unless he can “come home every day and see Alex”), but in any case I’m just going to soak up those tasty, tasty baby smiles while they are freely offered.

He is, after all, going to be a teenager some day.

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