Big Brother is always watching

You’ve got to watch out, you never know when some unscrupulous person might start recording video at your most vulnerable moments.

I mean, can you believe what Alex sounds like when he sleeps??

Now, we can say this: *if* someone were snoring like that, then CLEARLY they are very, very tired, and probably don’t need to be recorded and/or publicly mocked, ESPECIALLY by the one person who promised to love and cherish them forever.

And *if* said person FELL OUT OF BED later that night and was so tired that they actually had trouble getting back into bed and then forgot all about that until then next morning when their wife reminded them how hilarious it was (purely hypothetically you understand), then probably you should just leave that person alone and let them sleep in peace instead of trying to secretly record their snoring for whatever sick purposes one would use a video like that for…


Anyway, whoever that was in that video sure was sleeping pretty hard at 10 pm, I’ll tell you what.

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