Don’t say this blog never did nothing for you

I’ve heard of cat calls, but this is the first time I’ve ever been wookiee-called.

Thanks to last night’s post, people are now shouting wookiee calls at me out the windows of moving cars (at least I *assume* it was because of my blog post…I guess I don’t know that for certain. There are probably all kinds of reasons why someone might RRRRRRrrrrrrrrRRRRRR at me…and maybe it’s arrogant to think I was the one being wookiee-called in the first place.)

Luckily for me, said wookiee-caller drives a Mazda with flames down the side and was wearing a Green Bay Packer’s jester hat, so…not exactly traveling incognito there.

I’m not going to say it was my proudest moment, but…it was my proudest moment.

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