The Liar’s Club

We recently got a new game, called Sheriff of Nottingham.

This is basically a bluffing game, where you take turns being the sheriff and trying to figure out whether or not people are trying to sneak contraband into Nottingham. One thing I like about the game is that you suuuuure learn a lot about the people around you. Ya’ll are LIARS.

I, on the other hand, am clearly the worst liar there ever was, because I am *terrible* at this game, and I always lose horribly. Apparently , I just look really guilty, because everyone thinks I’m lying on every single hand, and they double think I’m lying when I’m actually not lying. However, you can’t win if you never sneak ANY contraband in, so, you know.

Anyway, I decided to try to play with the kids. Technically it is a little old for them (especially Ollie), but I kind of thought perhaps they were lying virtuosos, you know? Lying well beyond their age range.

Well, apparently I was right. I had no sooner finished explaining the complicated rules, when Ollie immediately called two chickens, when what he actually had was zero chickens. I mean, I wasn’t sure if he’d even want to lie to his parents, much less start off on the *very first hand* doing it. Like a pro. I think he lied on pretty much every hand, except the one where he said he had 5 apples which was so clearly and obviously a lie because, 5 apples? Come on!

Evelyn, on the other hand, was stressed out at the very IDEA of this game. It was very clear that she was never going to lie. Which is why when she suddenly got very agitated, holding her head in her hands and unable to sit at the table or even look at me I thought, “gee, I wonder if perhaps she is lying this time?”

Except she was LYING about LYING, tricking me into inspecting her bag when she was actually telling the truth. She played me like putty!

These kids, man. I told you, lying virtuosos.

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