Me and my Wookiee Suit

So, since I got my new wookiee pajamas, I’ve pretty much worn them non-stop. And by “pretty much” I mean “absolutely and unequivocally.” The only time I have NOT worn my wookiee pajamas is when I went to California for a few days for work, and Sara snuck in and washed them while I was gone JUST WHEN THEY WERE STARTING TO SMELL AUTHENTIC.

In fact, Sara has had a bee in her bonnet about washing them pretty much the whole time. “You know, you used to wash your pajamas like once a week,” she says pretty much every day.

Jeez, quit harshing my buzz, mom.

chewbacca is my copilot“Moooooooom! Don’t come in my room! Han said we were going to do the kessel run!!”

One downside of the wookiee suit is that it is warm. Like really, really warm. That’s great when it’s freezing outside and you just want to cuddle up with some tea or snuggle your new baby and sing, “In the aaaarms of a wookiee, fly awaaaaaaay from here!”* but pretty much any other time it’s a little too warm. I’ve learned to moderate my temperature with judicious raisings of sleeves and legs (two bare arms and one leg is pretty comfortable around the house), but still, gets a little warm sometimes.

(*actual recording of song that happens quite frequently in our house, ask Sara)

Another downside is that I am very committed to putting my pjs on as soon as I get home. Previously that wasn’t really a problem, but the thing is that sometimes you have to run some trash out to the dumpster, or get something out of the car. And when you’re doing that, there’s a good chance you’re going to bump into someone. Consider that where we live there are a *lot* of people stacked up on top of each other, so the population density kind of guarantees that if a giant wookiee is shambling about in the parking lot, someone is going to see him. So far I have managed to avoid anybody (this is assuming nobody is monitoring the security camera footage).

There are other difficulties as well, as anyone older than the age of 10 needing to go to the bathroom while wearing a full body suit will tell you.

I finally agreed to let Sara wash my wookiee suit, and I didn’t wear it for a FULL TWO DAYS. Except last night we came home from ice skating and I was sooo cold and there was my wookiee suit just crooning to me…


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