Ollie’s most delicious day

We used to go to Chinatown now and again to catch some delicious food, but we haven’t done it for years. Both kids were intrigued by the idea, so we decided to pop in for lunch last weekend.

Ollie is pretty much the perfect consumer of dim sum. Even in the worst of circumstances, he wants to try EVERYTHING. When we have cereal in the morning, he insists on a mix of all 4 kinds. When we have dinner, it’s not enough just to have some of everything. “Can I mix these two together? Can I dip it in my milk?” A parade of tiny dishes full of new things to try is his version of heaven. I’m pretty sure he sees this when he closes his eyes to sleep:

So we showed Ollie the dim sum menu with all the little pictures and told him he could pick anything he wanted. Without hesitation, he pointed to one in the middle of the page.

“Ugh, not that one, buddy. That’s chicken feet.”
“Okay, I want chicken feet.”
“No, you have to pick something else.”
“I want the chicken feet.”

Honestly, I’m sure he would have eaten the chicken feet, but my appetite wouldn’t have survived it. I hoped it would forget by the time we sat down (he didn’t), and then I hoped the chicken feet wouldn’t be on the new menu they handed us (they were).

“Ollie, you have to pick something else. I can’t watch you eat chicken feet.”
::Ollie, grumpy::
“Okay, that one instead.”
“That one is ALSO chicken feet.”

At least he’s consistent. And he really wanted those chicken feet.

He couldn’t complain, though; he was in seventh heaven. He ate some of everything, and two of most things, until I was sure he was going to burst. Finally, when the food was gone and the table was cleared, he resorted to eating sriracha with a spoon.

Ah, Ollie. I love our little adventurous eater.

After that was done, we waddled a couple of doors down to a bakery and got little coconut cookies. Ollie said, “This was my most delicious day ever. I want to do it all over again!”

May every day be your most delicious day ever.

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