The Age of Pokemon

Recently, Evie’s class has been swept with Pokemon fever.

Yes, that’s the same Pokemon that’s been around since I was a kid (first published in 1996). Apparently, it’s still a thing. The boys at Evie’s school have been talking about it non-stop, trading cards, and quizzing each other about various Pokemon.

I’m not sure why Evie in particular got so excited about it, but I’m happy to encourage it for three reasons:

  1. I’m so happy that she hasn’t seemed to notice (or at least doesn’t care) that this is apparently a “boy” activity, and she’s the only girl,
  2. Collecting cards, comics, and things was a particular nerdom of mine, and who isn’t thrilled to have their daughter follow in my footsteps?, and
  3. As a former, pretty heavy Magic player, Pokemon seems pretty familiar (and fun!)

A few of her classmates had donated cards to her on a charity-case basis, and the cards quickly became her prized possessions.

The other day, I decided to get her a little reward for being so helpful to me on school mornings, so I bought her a package of Pokemon cards.

HUGE parenting win.

She was so. excited. You have no idea. She probably thanked me about 10 times throughout the day. She was so excited to have cards of her own, and to be a part of what everybody else was into for once, and to show everyone at school. I made sure to pick the package with a deer Pokemon on the front (deer are her favorite animal), and the one with the Pikachu coin.

So, of course, what does she pull from the pack? A ultra-rare Mega Charizard EX card, which is worth about $50.

She is NOT interested in selling.

I do hope she sticks with it; I would like to learn how to play with her. I don’t think it would be something Sara would have any interest in, so it would be a special thing between the two of us.

Pokemon. Who knew it could be such a positive familial force?

One thought on “The Age of Pokemon

  1. As a kid who grew up being entrenched in the Pokemon era, I completely agree that it can be a family activity. As long as you are doing something together that you enjoy, you are spending quality time together. My husband and I both love Pokemon, and our one year old daughter will be old enough soon. Once in a while as a treat or when she’s sick, we’ll cuddle up and watch tv together. She loves the old Pokemon cartoon. I wish you good luck in starting Pokemon with your daughter. It will be a lot of fun! (Ps. If you and her like video games, the Pokemon games are even more fun!)


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