Quote Monday’s brain never stops working

::Evie brushing my hair::
Evie: “It’s snowing!”

Me: “Ollie, did you check to see if your pants were backward [for the billionth time in a row]?”
Ollie: “Well, my brain was just wanting me to think about how the world looks like as a globe.”

Ollie: “I’m afraid to go into the living room.”
Me: “Why?”
Ollie: “I don’t want a pig to jump up on me.”
Me: “…”
Me: “When have you ever seen a pig jump up on someone?”
Ollie: “Well, I can imagine it.”

Ollie: “I know how to make fire bombs.”
Sara: “You know how to make fire balls?”
Ollie: “No, fire bombs. I have the tools.”
::5 minutes later::
Ollie: “Can I make a fire bomb when we get home?”

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