On the resourcefulness of my daughter

On the morning of my birthday, Evie presented me with a birthday card. Fairly straightforward, right? But this was a card just from her, not from the rest of the family, and from a store, not homemade. Surely, if Sara had bought the card, she would have signed her own name, and Ollie too.

I looked at Sara but she had never seen the card before either. She was as puzzled as I was. I was thinking maybe a grandparent had taken her to the store or something…?

No, of course not. It turns out that she had actually found it in a book she had checked out from the library a month or two before. She secretly asked the librarian if she could keep it for her daddy’s birthday, since there were no names or identifying marks on it.

So, once again, she comes up with a surprise. It’s not SO amazing, I guess, and probably wouldn’t have been a big deal if it hadn’t fallen on the heels of so many other resourceful surprises.

This girl continues to mystify me with her ability to follow through on things and her general cleverness / resourcefulness. If I had to pick a few skills that would help you in life, those would definitely be on the list.

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