Quote Monday is not a Jason Schwartzman fan

Sara: “Can we just make a rule that we block any movie with Jason Schwartzman in it?”
Me: “He’s hardly in this.”
Sara: “Doesn’t matter. If he agreed to be in it, if someone agreed to put him in it, then I don’t want to see it.”

Ollie: “If you want to be rich, you should sell things.”
Sara: “That’s right.”
Ollie: “If you don’t want to be rich, you should go a lot to the place where they sell things.”

Sara: “Can you make an app? So I don’t accidentally see a movie that has Jason Schwartzman in it? Like, it stops me somehow? Or blocks it?”

Me: “You can either keep thinking you have all the answers, or you can listen to your daddy who’s been doing it for 30 years.”
Evie: “Hmmm…”

Well, you know, take your time and weigh out all the options…

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