Art & Words Show – Happening Right Now!

Oh my gosh, I almost totally forgot! Right now, as I type this, the Art & Words Show is happening!

As a quick refresher:

13 stories and poems have been selected, along with 13 works of art, for display at the show. Now that the selections have been made, the writers and artists will swap. My story will be given to an artist who will make a painting, picture, or sculpture to represent that story. Meanwhile, I will receive a work of art and I will write a new story to accompany it. All of the resulting art and stories will be displayed in the gallery, including a reception and reading of the written works on Saturday, September 27.

And that’s today!

The first story I wrote for the Art & Words Show was “Copy Machine”, which I’ve since sold, so you can read it online. (I was given a sneak peak of the visual interpretation, done by Bob Crow, and it’s great!) Let’s hope my 2nd story, inspired by Stephen Daly’s drawing, “The Wheel” sells, so you can all read that one as well. 🙂

“The Wheel” by Stephen Daly

 In any case, I’ve got two stories hanging in an art gallery, which is quite alright by me. Wish I could be there for the opening!

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