Quote Monday survived birthday weekend

Me: “…she had a lot of specific plans for her birthday. We have to keep reminding her it’s her birthday not her coronation.”
Aunt Rachael: “Ha! Every time you tell me a story about her, she reminds me more of myself.”

::Evie, pushing a friend in a stroller::
Evie, with an exasperated look: “Now I understand how hard it is to have kids!”

Truly, pushing them in the stroller is the hardest part.

Evie, addressing a room full of adults on their phones: “Hey adults! How about we talk to each other!”

And finally, Evie’s last word on her birthday weekend:

Me: “That was a pretty perfect birthday weekend.”
Evie, ambivalently: “Yeah.”
Me: “Was there something you would have changed?”
Evie: “I wish I could have been more bossy.”
Me, trying to keep a straight face: “More bossy?”
Evie: “Yup.”

Too bad she was constrained by things like the number of hours in a day.

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