Hooray for Birthdays!

Today is Evie’s birthday, and, I don’t know, it just seems like a big one.

I think it’s because she’s getting ready to start 1st grade. That just seems so old. She really isn’t a baby anymore.

Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish Evie from a teenager. However, she can be so helpful when she wants to be, and it’s so nice to be able to give her a bit of a longer leash. I can trust her to be out of my eyesight. She’s almost TOO helpful when it comes to her brother, jumping to do anything for him that he doesn’t want to do, to the point that he’s quite used to getting her to do his chores for him. (Don’t worry, they still fight plenty too!)

Evie has *big* plans for her birthday. The closer we got, the more elaborate they became. Every single detail of her day is planned out, from what we will eat, to what presents she’s going to receive from whom, to what we will do and when. It started relatively simple: “…and then I will come upstairs in my pajamas, and you guys will give me a present which will be an outfit for me to wear…”, but it’s gotten more elaborate from there. The last I heard was that she wanted me to wake her up by playing happy birthday on the accordion, after which she would take the keyboard into each guest’s bedroom to awaken them in turn by playing happy birthday.

We have to keep reminding her it’s going to be her birthday, not her coronation.

I have to admit that I’m so thrilled that Evie has turned into quite the bookworm. It just reminds me so much of myself when I was a kid, that I can’t help but feel a little…proud? Honored? Excited on her behalf for all of the wonderful books she’s yet to discover? I don’t know. But when she stays up reading late into the night, I can’t help but get a smile on my face.

Happy birthday sweetheart. I love you more than the whole, wide world.


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