Quote Monday just got back from vacation

Just got back from a lovely family vacation, so, as usual, it may take a bit to get everything back on track around here. In the meantime, enjoy some vacation quotes.

-The Management

Me: “There might be reenactors there. People in costumes.”
Evie: “Do you think Batman will be there?”

::Pre-teen asks the George Washington reenactor a question::
George Washington: “Why are you saying ‘like’ with every other word?”
::Sara giving me a significant glance::

::Evie rocking back and forth on the train::
Evie: “I’m trying to make the train tip over.”

::Evie getting excited about going to Outback::
Sara: “What are you…why are you so excited? Do you even know what they…what do they even have that you like?”
Evie: “MILK!”

::Ollie waving to everybody he sees::
Ollie: “I see a lot of people that I like!”

::Ollie saw one of those machines to make a souvenir penny at the zoo::
Ollie: “It’s a popcorn maker!”

Well, our popcorn maker does have a crank…

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