Quote Monday contemplates the relationship between wrong doing and money

Ollie: “If you kill somebody and you don’t have the money to pay for it, you have to go to jail until you die. So don’t kill somebody.”

I think “and you don’t have the money to pay for it” shows an astute understanding of the justice system far beyond his 3 years.

Ollie, whispering: “Mama is rich. I saw how much money she has!”

We’re rich! We’re rich! We can kill whoever we want!

Wait, no, unfortunately he was only referring to her jar of pennies which looks like quite a fortune to him.

Me: “I’m the meanest daddy in the world, never forget it.”
Ollie: “You know what? You’re not mean, but sometimes you do mean things.”

Me: “You know, someday Nala’s going to die and then what are we going to do?”
Sara: “Vacuum.”

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