Father’s Day 2013

For father’s day, Sara and the kids surprised me with a video. I knew they were up to something, mostly because Evie was bouncing in her seat with excitement for a few days before, but I definitely didn’t suspect a video. It was rather unfortunate that we were staying at my grandma’s house with others, because I bawled like a baby through multiple viewings (followed by a couple of aftershock crying jags in the shower, which were at least private).

Obviously this means a lot more to me than to you, gentle reader, but it’s just so wonderful. There are so many little details that are just absolutely perfect (and believe me, I’ve watched it many, many times, so I should know), and I can appreciate the time it took to sort through all the pictures and videos. It absolutely could not be more perfect.

Thank you Sara, there’s nothing better you could have given me!

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day 2013

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