Quote Monday sees the world through different eyes

Me: “Shoot, you’re kidding me!”
Evie: “What’s that?”
Me: “I got a ticket.”
Evie: “A ticket to what?”

If only there were magical fairies dispersing show or concert tickets under the windshields of people with expired license plates…

Evie: “…and that is the end of the show. Thank you for coming. The name of the series is, “The Queen of the Sea and the Alligator”. Double u, double u, double u, dot, Queen of the Sea, dot com.”

::Guys in fatigues::
Evie, whispering: “Are those warriors?”

Evie: “Whenever I hear the name ‘Royal’, I always imagine him in…like, overalls.”
Sara: “Not a crown?”
Me: “And a royal robe?”
Evie: “No, I can’t imagine that.”

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