Quote Monday is never as it seems

Evie: “Would you rather be with a shark that ate yesterday, a tiger that ate yesterday, or a lion that ate 10 weeks ago?”
Me: “Well, the lion would be hungry, and I don’t want to be under water, so I guess I’d go with the tiger.”
Evie: “Wrong! You’d rather be with the lion because he’d be dead if he didn’t eat for 10 weeks!”

Ollie: “Here Grandpa, you can use some of our sun scream.”

Ollie: “Hey, did you write on my picture?”
Sara: “Oh, sorry buddy, I was researching tomatoes. I really like your picture though. What was it, a spider?”
Ollie: “A zombie.”

It’s actually a pretty good zombie picture. But how does he know what a zombie looks like??

zombie picture

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