Quote Monday is never as it seems

Evie: “Would you rather be with a shark that ate yesterday, a tiger that ate yesterday, or a lion that ate 10 weeks ago?”
Me: “Well, the lion would be hungry, and I don’t want to be under water, so I guess I’d go with the tiger.”
Evie: “Wrong! You’d rather be with the lion because he’d be dead if he didn’t eat for 10 weeks!”

Ollie: “Here Grandpa, you can use some of our sun scream.”

Ollie: “Hey, did you write on my picture?”
Sara: “Oh, sorry buddy, I was researching tomatoes. I really like your picture though. What was it, a spider?”
Ollie: “A zombie.”

It’s actually a pretty good zombie picture. But how does he know what a zombie looks like??

zombie picture

Zombie PSA

Zachary Levi from Chuck reminds us: be wise, shoot between the eyes. There’s no need for unnecessary zombie torture. Remember that zombies used to be people too!

Google Searches V

Since my friend Dan mentioned it on his blog, I decided it was time for another round of strange Google searches. These are things that people searched for that somehow landed them on my blog.
  • “funny things to say at a bachelor party” – That’s pretty lame my friend. Make up your own jokes. And I have to assume this is the same guy who later searched for, “sayings for bachelor paintball” and maybe even “sweet to say on monday quotes”. Dude, you’re trying too hard!
  • “that noise robert downey jr makes in sherlock holmes” – What in god’s name does that mean? Did he make a noise in that movie? If so, what else is there to know about it? This one really baffled me.
  • “zombie wizard of oz” and “wizard of oz zombie art” – Both are topics found on my blog, but not usually in conjunction with each other.
  • “congratulations you are alive” – Thank you?
  • “creeper stare” – ::sigh::, I guess that’s me.
  • “antonym of sleepwalk” – Uh…is the opposite of sleepwalking just sleeping? Or did they mean walking around while not sleeping?
  • “awful face” – Aw, really? And they found me? Geez. Good thing someone else searched for “heaven fantasy picture” to balance it out.
  • “why geeks shouldn’t have children” – Ouch. I guess I’m the poster child for this? That one cuts deep.
  • “flannel sheets dry skin” – Ugh, god! Most horrible search term ever! ::shudders:: Why would you be looking for that? I’m looking to *avoid* that!
  • “zombies and skylights” – I don’t know what this one could be, but it sounds like a bad combination to me, hombre.