The Zombie Preparedness Initiative

Of course, we all know how valuable bacon would be in the case of a zombie apocalypse (the correct answer being “more valuable than gold”). This very topic was discussed at Baconfest in regards to the Tactical Bacon. Commenter Victor Tookes was quick to point out this post on How to Make Bacon Post Apocalypse.

This article is great, with some fantastic quotes:

There is no reason that the walking dead should stop humanity from enjoying it’s crowning culinary achievement.


Pigs are fantastic, magical animals, they turn vegetables into bacon.

Tell me that is not just *dying* to be put on a tee-shirt.

However, the informative bacon posts are just the beginning! It is well worth looking around the rest of the Zombie Preparedness Initiative’s website!

Hours and hours of things to read there. Important, life saving things. Keep in mind, this is the only zombie organization specifically inspired by Shaun of the Dead. And if that doesn’t make them serious enough, they have an .org extension on their webpage. They are an organization people!

An important organization with an important mission. I want all of you to study up. We’ll each have our roles to play, and we don’t have room on the team for any slackers.

5 thoughts on “The Zombie Preparedness Initiative

  1. If you ever have an interest in writing an article for ZPI, we’re always looking for interesting outlooks and unique points of view. We’re open to anything that you can loosely tie to zombies. (As demonstrated by the Post Apocalyptic Bacon article).
    Think about it man, it could be life changing. Probably not, but maybe.


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