Ollie Monster

I finally finished knitting Ollie’s monster, just in time to give it to him for his birthday. It came out most magnificently, if I do say so myself.

I knew I wanted to knit something for Ollie for his birthday, and a monster seemed appropriate. I spent a long time looking at different patterns before finally settling on this one. Just before the big day, Sara asked Oliver what he wanted for his birthday and he said, “A monster”. Score!

april 002

I really enjoyed this project. This is really the first significant thing that I’ve knit, so it was really fun to see it take shape. I’m so happy with how it came out. I love the way the mismatched eyes look. I love the way the red stitching adds a little color. I love the way the teeth look.

Ollie named him “Floobbooberbabbooberbubs” but we call him “Floob” for short. Ollie likes him, but I think not as much as I do. Unfortunately, Ollie’s baby has a firm hold on his heart, and there’s not too much room left over. Floob spent a few nights in his bed, but is now relegated to the floor.

Regardless, I enjoyed making it and giving it to him. So even if Floob never secures a place in heart, he will always be one of my favorite gifts. And if Ollie doesn’t play with him too much, that just means he’ll last that much longer. Maybe old Floob will be around for the next generation of little monsters.

april 004

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