Quote Monday is all about Ollie

I think this is probably the first Quote Monday ever that didn’t feature a quote from Ms. Evelyn.

Ollie: “Why do you have to clean the door?”
Sara: “There’s dirt spots on it. Someone must have touched it. You must have touched it.”
Ollie: “Evie must have touched it, that naughty, naughty girl.”

::Ollie trying to sit in my lap::
Ollie: “Crisscross your applesauce!”

::Ollie opening up a birthday present of ballet shoes::
Ollie: “I’m trying to see if there’s any more in there.”
Me: “Well, you only have two feet.”
Ollie: “What if I was an octopus?”

::Ollie eating birthday cake::
Sara: “Ollie, time to go to the bathroom.”
Ollie: “Did I have anything to drink?”
Sara: “No, do you want your water bottle?”
Ollie: “If I didn’t have anything to drink, why do I have to go to the bathroom?”

Touche, 3 year old. Touche.

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