Quote Monday is (rightfully) afraid of the dark

Evie: “But Ollie, then I’m going to be a beautiful bride, and you’re just going to be…a man.”

Is it just me, or does that belong on one of those “everything I need to know I learned in preschool” posters?

Sara: “Your toes are freezing. Were you under the covers?”
Ollie: “No. Somebody took them off me.”
Sara: “You took them off you.”
Ollie: “No, the dark took them off me.”

Whoa, suddenly that turned creepy.

Ollie: “Look at my eyes!”
Me: “Are you eyes closed?”
Ollie: “Look at they’re moving under the covers!”

Me: “Evie, are these underwear dirty?”
Evie: “Yeah, but I only wore them for one day.”

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