Quote Monday is a big Gordon Lightfoot fan

::Ollie was trying on his new shoe::
Sara: “Okay, do you want to put on the other one?”
Ollie: “There’s two of them?!”

Dabu, to me: “Beating you is not much of a victory, but beating Sara is.”

::At the Jazz Festival::
Singer: “This next one was by Ella Fitzgerald…”
Evie, her eyes shining with excitement: “They said they’re going to sing the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald!!”

Sara: “Did the monkeys take his hats?”
Ollie: “And they climb up in the trees!”
Sara: “And what did the monkeys do after that?”
Ollie: “They flew away.”

I think someone has been immersed in the Wizard of Oz at a young age…

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