100 puffs and counting

This month we officially passed the “100 puff” mark on our Beekeeper’s Quilt, and it’s really starting to look like something.

The score for the first 100 is 90 to 10, Sara, which means I’m perfectly at 10%. Sara thinks that’s a little pathetic, but I’m pretty thrilled with it! (And also, how many stories has she published in that time?)

This month was a big month in terms of puff production. We have been driving a lot on the weekends lately, and Sara can really crank those puppies out in the car. We have quite a little basket full of these little things, and it does look really cool seeing all the different kinds of yarn. My favorites are the ones we made from the yarn we hand dyed. What a cool thing to be able to include.

So now we just keep on being busy little bees and see how fast we can get the next couple of hundred finished.

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