Five Fridays of Fun – Tie-dye Madness

This is the one we all (I mean I) have been waiting for…

tie-dyeing & yarn-dyeing. Dye all the loose stuff, and if you have some extra, do the goodies in the plastic bag. Evie might even be able to “hand-paint” some yarn with a paint brush and varying shaded mixes of two colors. I’m sad I’m missing this one!

P.S. If you have dye left and can think of anything else that could be done, go for it!

The package contained both dye and a new shirt for each of us to make, as well as some yarn.

I think this was the best Friday of Fun. They were all fun, but this one was really thinking outside of the box (no pun intended). I can safely say that this was something we never would have come up with on our own.

It also induced total tie-dye madness. After dying all of the stuff in the box, we ended up getting almost every piece of white clothing in the house. And that was just round 1! The next day, Sara used the rest of the dye on an entire second round of tie-dying. We have an entire mountain of tie-dyed clothes now!

In addition to the clothes, we also dyed some yarn and roving for use in future projects. I think this stuff in particular turned out really beautiful.

The stuff we dyed the next day definitely benefited from the experience we gained the first day. Unfortunately, I only do tie-dye like once a decade, so I’m sure I’ll forget everything I learned. On the other hand, I probably now own enough tie-dye to last me at least 10 years.


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