Quote Monday is in a union

::Evie, seeing a picture of people holding signs::
Evie: “They’re in a union.”

::We see some kind of kiddie train going by. Ollie looks thoughtful.::
Me: “Okay Ollie, time to go pee pee.”
Oliver, looking shrewd: “After I go pee pee, I ride on the train.”

Speaking of unions, he’s got a future in bargaining.

Me: “Evie, please don’t suck on your fingers.”
Evie: “But my fingers taste good!”
Me: “The only reason your fingers taste good is because of all the sweat and dirty things on there.”
Evie: “My toes taste the best.”
Me: “Ewwww, that proves it, you like the taste of sweat!”
Evie: “Well, it’s my sweat.”

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