Quote Monday slept good, nothing more, nothing less

Grandpa: “How did you sleep last night?”
Ollie: “Good.”
Grandpa: “Say, ‘With my eyes closed’.”
::Ollie closes his eyes::
Ollie: “Good.”

Ollie: “Where is EE?”
Sara: “She’s at school.”
Ollie: “The pancake school??”

Of all the times Oliver has been to her school, I guess it was the pancake breakfast that stood out in his mind (who’s surprised about that?)

::Ollie wandering around the house, shouting::
Ollie: “Baby, where are you? Baby, where are you?”

Probably not the most effective way to find something that can’t answer back.

::Listening to the Aladdin soundtrack::
Evie: “Prince Ali…”
Ollie: “Prince me!!”

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