Five Fridays of Fun – Picture Frame

Get out your experiment shirts and get ready to paint. Each of you can paint one frame then pick out a photo on the computer and we will order it to put inside.

The box included paint and picture frames to be painted.

This was the last Friday of Fun, and perhaps not quite as exciting as some of the previous ones (by which I mean we had been spoiled by this amazing gift!). Still, the kids always have a good time painting, and it sure beat just sitting around the house all morning.

I think the kids enjoyed picking out the pictures as much as they enjoyed painting the frames. I was particularly surprised at how happy Ollie was to see his picture inside his completed frame.

You’ll notice that Evie spent a lot of time carefully painting butterflies and flowers before ultimately just pink-washing the whole thing.

So that’s it, Five Fridays of Fun! Special thanks to my wonderful wife for giving me (actually us) such a wonderful, thoughtful present. I think it was a good present for her too, because she got to see the excitement of us as we opened the box and talked about all the fun we had. It would have been a great present for any occasion, but it seemed especially appropriate for father’s day, since it really brought in the kids as well. Way better than any physical object she could have given me as a present, that’s for sure!

One thought on “Five Fridays of Fun – Picture Frame

  1. I love this gift. (Kind of like a great Christmas present from a couple years ago!) At the end of the summer I always think I should have done more. This was a great way to make sure you did some really cool things through the summer. (I don’t mean to say you don’t, but it was such a great mix of planning and spontaneity.) I think Ollie’s frame looks so artistic and so perfect with the picture he chose. I wish I could have seen Evie’s butterflies and flowers.


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