Wool Madness

Well, she’s got it. Wool Madness.

“You know how everybody says, ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and expecting different results?’ That’s the definition of knitting.” – Sara Halbach

To say that Sara is knitting all the time would be an understatement. They say that knitting is addictive, and that definitely seems to be the case here. It has certainly helped with our beekeeper’s quilt, with an additional 24 honeycombs this month.

We keep the current month’s progress in the glass jar, and empty it into the basket with the others to start the new month.

Now, most of those puffs were knitted by Sara. If you’re keeping track at home, that’s officially a score of 23 – 1 this month, which is bad enough, but Sara also threw in a sweater and a shawl as well, just for funsies. (EDIT: After a recount, make that 22 – 2!!) However, I am contractually obligated to mention that I sacrifice all of my week nights to working so we can go places and do fun things on the weekend, not to mention that she only works part time. I’M JUST SAYING.

Anyway, you get my point: knitting all the time. But knitting all the time does not wool madness make. That’s only the beginning.

Lately, Sara has started becoming interested in “fiber”. Not just buying yarn, which she does, but the other day she purchased a drop spindle for making her own yarn. In fact, she even approached her cousin Lisa about the possibility of raising sheep for roving purposes.

Wool madness my friends. Know the signs before it infects someone close to you!

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