An Ambitious Project

Sara and I have begun a very large joint-knitting project known as a “Beekeeper’s Quilt“.

Basically, you knit hundreds of these little stuffed honeycomb shapes, and then tie them together to make something that looks like this:

Ours currently looks something like this:

Sara and I thought this would be a nice project to do together, since knitting the honeycombs is an independent activity, but are all combined into the finished project. And part of the draw of this quilt is that each of the honeycombs are unique, so it’s okay if they don’t exactly match up. Plus, since there are hundreds of these things to knit, we can do them here or there as we go. In other words, Sara can knit other projects and come back to this one, while I labor away slowly, and maybe it will all even out in the end. 🙂

Because we had to buy so much yarn, we decided to also buy an Amish yarn swift. This is a little wooden spinning thing that you use to wind skeins of yarn into balls. It’s helpful, but it still takes quite a while to ball up an entire skein.

So we’ll see how it goes. The honeycombs are a *big* step up for me in terms of complexity, but I’m hoping that they are small enough that I can get some good practice on a few new knitting skills (lots and lots of practice)(hundreds and hundreds of hours of practice). I’m imagining this project will take us a few years, so I’m planning to give periodic updates now and again.

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