Quote Monday is poor (but not how you think)

Evie: “Why can’t we go [to the museum] today, and then go again when mama can go?”
Me: “Well, we are only allowed to see the exhibit one time.”
Evie: “Well…maybe we could all wear disguises!”

::Oliver takes a bite of sriracha::
::Oliver’s mouth falls open and a moan escapes. The top of his head comes off and steam starts shooting out of his ears. He claws at his tongue, trying to remove it from his mouth.::
Oliver, when he finally recovers:  “More spicy!!”

Sara, to me: “Assuming your inner dialog matches your outer dialog, I would assume there was a lot of dialog.”

Evie: “Mother Earth must be poor.”
Me: “Why do you say that?”
Evie: “Because she has trash all over her.”
Me: “And that makes her poor?”
Evie: “Yup. Poor Mother Earth.”

2 thoughts on “Quote Monday is poor (but not how you think)

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