Writing Her Name

I did that!

And I’ve never even seen her write a single letter before, much less a word!

We’ve already found an excuse to make a trip back to Joy Yee. This time, as promised, we were a lot more adventurous. Almost too adventurous. First off we had some duck egg rolls, which were pretty good (Although really, it was mostly due to the awesome sweet and sour sauce they have). Not too crazy. Then I ordered a red bean freeze. If you’ve never had red bean ice cream, it’s really good. It’s pretty much like cherry. This, however, had real red beans that I had to eat with a spoon (except for the ones I was able to suck up with the straw). It was weird, but good. Like sweet pinto beans. Finally, was my super good, suuuuuper spicy Korean soup. I know that Korean food has a reputation for being spicy, but yowza. And that wasn’t even the worst part of it. I’d say the worst part were the enormous squids floating around in there. I like calamari now and again, but something about the way that the two long grasping tentacles hang down longer than the other ones. And 6 inches is just a little over the line for me, size wise. I ate a smaller one, but that’s all I could manage. Still, despite all of that, it was super delicious, and I was extremely happy with the meal as a whole, which I didn’t even come close to finishing.

Maybe my valiant effort is what prompted this:

::Evie sticking out her belly::
Sara: “Who’s belly is bigger, Evie’s or Mommy’s?”
Evie: “Daddy’s!”


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