A writing year in review

I can’t believe it has ONLY been 1 year since I began writing in earnest. It seems like much longer. How’d I do? Let’s look at the stats.

Stories Written: 7
Number of 1st Draft Words: 44,200
Number of Story Submissions: 29
Number of Rejections: 23
Number of Acceptances: 0

All in all, not that bad really! I think 7 stories is fairly respectable. That’s no where near what a full time writer could put out (44,200 words is far short of a novel), but I don’t think it is too bad given the amount of time left after you take out my job, my kid, my marriage and my other hobbies.

I will admit, it is hard to keep putting the pen to the paper sometimes. But then again, on the other hand, I think of stories a lot faster than I write them. Sometimes I am desperate to finish a story, just so I can start work on the next new idea that’s burning in my head. And I’ve clearly improved quite a bit (well, at least I think so). Practice makes perfect.

I also just want to say that the rejections don’t bother me that much, don’t get me down. It is true, however, that sometimes they get harder, not easier. I know my first story is crap, so I am not surprised when it gets rejected. But when a really good story gets rejected…that can be tougher. On the other hand, I had one pretty sweet rejection. A signed rejection from the editor of my favorite magazine. So far, in my short writing career, that rejection is the best thing that’s happened to me!

So here’s to another year of keeping the nose to the grindstone. Good things are bound to happen eventually! The hard part is putting one foot in front of the other. But then again, I’m nothing if I’m not persistent.


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