Whither the money, Lebowski?

How many times have you asked yourself, “What if my favorite movie of all time was written by Shakespeare? How would that turn out?” Well, I guess it depends on your favorite movie. But if your favorite movie is the Big Lebowski like me, wonder no more. I give you: Two Gentlemen of Lebowski.

It is a lot of fun to find your favorite quotes and see how they translate. For example, “He pee’d on your rug Dude” becomes, “And in most miserable tide did this rogue besmirch it.”

Here are some other examples to wet your whistle:

“I am the Knave, called the Knave. Or His Knaveness, or mayhap Knaver, or mayhap El Knaverino, in the manner of the Spaniard, if brevity be not in thy soul nor wit. A Knave by any other name would abide just as well.”

[Alarums. Enter OLIVER and the two NIHILISTS, bearing a marmot]
Forsooth! This be a place
Of residence, and much a private place.—
O excellent marmot!

Post your favorites in the comments.

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