My grandma makes homemade pickles and they are to die for. I’ve always wanted to try to make the pickles myself so that I could rely on my own supply, instead waiting until she could sneak me a jar or two. I’m not saying she did sneak me jars and I’m not saying she didn’t, but I am saying that if she did sneak me jars and word got out (like on the Internet, for example), then I’d probably be in big trouble with the rest of my family.

So I planted some cucumbers this year on the porch figuring I’d get enough for a jar or two and we could give it a trial run. However, we had an opportunity to raid my grandma’s garden for cucumbers when she was on vacation, and we netted quite a few (and some dill).

our contribution

We had never tried canning before, and we were a little nervous about it. We purchased a nice set in anticipation of doing some more canning this year, especially once the tomatoes start rolling in from the garden. Previously we had just frozen everything and that worked pretty well, but, with the uncertainty of the garden next year, we might need to lay more of a supply by this year.

in progress

So, we managed to can 7 quarts of pickles and even had some spare cukes left over. One of the jars didn’t seal the first time around, but we re-processed it and it sealed the second time. Now it is just a matter of waiting for 6 weeks until these beauts are ready to go!

finished product

9 thoughts on “Pickles!

  1. If any of that sneaks it’s way into your suitcase when you come to Seattle, I can PROMISE it would go to a good home….

    It’s interesting – I’m very intrigued with canning myself. Mom used to do some, and really, it’s knowledge that will come in handy when society crumbles and we are left to our own devices. I know that’s secretly the reason you’ve bought all that canning stuff. It’s ok, I won’t tell Sara.


  2. How hard was it to can them? I am more than a little jealous, but I remember my roommate canning tomatoes and pumpkin a couple years ago, and it seemed awfully ambitious at the time.


    • It really wasn’t hard at all. Pickles only had to go in the hot water for 5 minutes. I think I read salsa (probably our next canning project) has to sit in there for like 25. But basically you just put all the stuff in the jar, put the jars in hot water for however long they’re supposed to go and then take them out.

      That being said, there are hundreds of “tips and tricks” that can really make a difference and I think most people who can a lot don’t think of exactly what they’re doing. So I think it will get easier over time as we get better at it.

      The hardest and most time consuming part about the pickles was cleaning the little spikes off all of the cucumbers!


      • don’t know what you did to clean the “spikes” off of the pickles, but a scotch brite cleaning pad that you would use for pans works great.


  3. Im going to have to make pickles this weekend now. We cant let these go to waste. He made it sound so easy. Can I just let the dog chew the spikes off the cucumbers?


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